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Apr 13, 2022, 8:05:51 AM4/13/22
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homemade food 1:08 And hard work of home 1:09 And superb weight loss 1:10 Guys our grandmothers 1:12 Have always made us eat this only at our home 1:15 And they also have been eating this 1:16 So how can we leave all these things 1:19 If we are doing diet then also 1:21 Then also we will eat all those things 1:22 Which locally grow in our area 1:25 Which are easily available 1:27 Which are inexpensive 1:29 Which are seasonal thing 1:30 Which are more healthy for us 1:32 There will be no fancy thing in this 1:34 There will be no imported thing 1:37 By eating which we will lose weight 1:38 So all those things are easily available 1:41 They are inexpensive 1:42 They are locally grown 1:44 They are fresh 1:45 So we will eat all this 1:47 And we will lose weight 1:47 Guys in this diet plan 1:49 We have protein, carbs, and essential fats also 1:52 But by eating this 1:54 We will reduce our body fat percentage 1:56 And we will make ourselves slim also 1:59 And we will lose our excess weight also 2:01 Our grandmothers have always been preparing this at home 2:04

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