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So They also have been eating 2:05 And they have made us also eat 2:06 But today the way I will tell you this diet plan 2:10 That will be very effective for our weight loss 2:13 So come we will start our diet plan 2:16 Guys before starting today's video 2:18 I will tell you one more thing 2:20 That today whatever I am going to tell you in the video 2:23 That is on the basis of my own experience and knowledge 2:26 This you will not get in any book or internet 2:29 If with my experience and knowledge 2:32 I can add some value in your life 2:34 Then I will consider myself very lucky 2:36 Guys there are 10 people they will say 10 things 2:39 Don't think about them 2:41 What people