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Smokey B

Sep 11, 2007, 10:43:43 PM9/11/07
to Lifehacker book 2.0
This is a tiny little tip, but it yields great results!

This is for guys who would like to meet some women. It's not sleazy
or shallow in anyway, and quite frankly it's a good thing to do.

The idea came to me when taking my brothers dog out for a walk. I was
approached by so many women that just wanted to pet him or even have a
little chit chat about dogs, which of course you can turn into
something more because you have your opening right there.

Walking a dog has two things; A) Shows you're friendly and
approachable, because everyone loves and animal lover, and B) Shows
you're resposible, because taking care of a dog is not a simple task.

So great benefits right there!

So, you say, I don't have a dog and I don't have the time/money to get
and take care of one! Well, this is where my plan comes into action
and it is quite simple: Find your local dog shelter and volunteer to
walk the dogs/puppies on the weekend. They welcome every hand they
can get, and you're doing a great serivce by volunteering your time.

Now, you have your park walking dog. When she asks if it's yours and
you say you volunteer, that will add that much more to the charm. Who
knows, you may find your perfect match!

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