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Sep 10, 2007, 9:46:16 PM9/10/07
to Lifehacker book 2.0
Should have a section on USB Thumb/ Flash Drive Goodies and Musty
Haves that every one should have on a thumb drive.. Like the SanDisk
drives come with the Cruzer and alot of free software for PC
troubleshooters such as myself, What other thumb drives have such
software? and why people shoudl carry them and why they are goin to be
a everyday thing like car keys , which i may add rumor has it car
manufactures are already developing technology to use thumb drives as
ways of starting automobiles with ie: ignition, locks, ect...
just a small thought!


Sep 11, 2007, 2:04:36 AM9/11/07
to Lifehacker book 2.0
A specific section for USB sticks perhaps? Seems like a good idea. For
now, I'll add to the prospective Table Of Content.

Matt Hazinski

Sep 14, 2007, 9:36:18 PM9/14/07
to Lifehacker book 2.0
Great idea; as USB drives are becoming commonplace now, I think we
should have a hack devoted to them. Maybe you could divide the hack
into different sections for different configurations of flash drives;
you could have one for emergency computer problems/repair work, one
for applications, one for files, one for multimedia, etc. Since I
already carry my flash drive with me nearly everywhere I go, it just
makes sense to load on all the applications I use at my main desktop.
I get most of the applications I use from, but I
sometimes am able to add applications not even designed for the flash
drive, such as the free version of Evernote, which my GTD process
revolves around.


Sep 15, 2007, 11:20:08 AM9/15/07
to Lifehacker book 2.0
An interesting idea. You're right, USB sticks are becoming
commonplace, so a section devoted to it with different hacks in it I
think would work. A list of useful portable apps, maybe?


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