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Anders Olofsson

Aug 19, 2011, 12:21:49 PM8/19/11
to Licq Users
I'm going through the tickets for Licq and would like some help with
testing if some of the bugs are still applicable.

Below is a list of reported bugs. If you see something you either know
that it is/isn't a bug or if it is something you can test, please reply
with what information you can to help me sort them out. Please also
include which Licq version you're using and if it's a dev-release
include the git/svn version you built from.

Note that bugs that I've already confirmed as still applicable or
couldn't reproduce are not included in this list. Enhancement tickets
are also not included here but will be migrated to a simple list on the
licq webpage.


675: "Licq adds everyone to my contact list who sends me a
message. It does that since its first version and this
has now become very bad."
Reported 2005-01-03
Any message from a contact that is not in the contact list should be
added to the "Not in list" group and disappear when Licq is closed. If
anyone has a problem with these contacts (e.g. spammers etc.) being
permanently added then let me know.

750: "Autoresponse message isn't saved correctly when locale is
different than message charset"
Reported 2005-07-21
This was reported with locale=ru_RU.KOI8-R and msgcharset=CP1251 but
other (non iso8859-1) charset shouldn't matter.
I'm not sure if this refers to the current autoresponse or the
pre-defined messages that can be entered in the settings dialog so
please test both.

795: "Auto-Raise on Incoming Msg doesn't work with Gnome2/Metacity"
Reported 2005-10-24 for Licq 1.3.0

849: "Licq fails to modify the server contact list"
Reported 2006-05-21 for Licq 1.3.2
If anyone is seeing "[ERR] Unknown error modifying server list: 0x0A" in
the network log, please let me know.

1411: "Russian charset (win1251) not working between licq and gaim or
Reported 2006-10-09 for Licq 1.3.2
If anyone is using win1251 and can test with gain or webicq, please let
me know if it's working. The ticket isn't clear on which direction is
seeing the problem so test both.

1445: "licq 1.3.4 does not receive message from icq 5.1"
Reported 2006-11-06 for Licq 1.3.4
Someone who can test messages between Licq and ICQ 5.1 please let me
know. From ICQ 5.1 to Licq should work according to ticket so problem
should only be one way.

1455: "Licq seems to forget GPG passphrase"
Reported 2006-12-02
If someone is using GPG encryption and having problems, please let me
know. The ticket reports it working for a while and then failing with
"[WRN] [GPG] gpgme message decryption failed: Falsche Passphrase" being
in the network log.

1459: "creating a new config doesn't download all users in list"
Reported 2006-12-08 for Licq 1.3.4
If someone have created a new Licq config and only gotten parts of the
contact list downloaded from the server, please let me know.

1471 "Custom autoresponse not working"
Reported 2007-01-03 for Licq 1.3.4
If someone is using custom autoresponses and have noted the other person
seing the normal autoresponse instead of the custom message, let me know.

1480: "Not show info in dock application for WindowMaker Show only empty
default dock In version 1.3.2 was information about status, messsages
and other"
Reported 2007-01-07 for Licq 1.3.4
Quoted text is entire ticket. Anyone using WindowMaker that could tell
if the dock icons are working properly or not, please let me know.

1530: "Serverside contact-list damaged after moving users from one group
to another"
Reported 2007-08-16 for Licq 1.3.2
If anyone has had problems when moving ICQ contacts between groups, let
me know. The ticket reports the contact being deleted from the first
group and then not added to the second group. The next move the resulted
in the contact being added to awaiting authorization since it was no
longer in the server side list.

1573: "Error when talking to contact with russian characters in alias"
Reported 2007-10-27 for Licq 1.3.4
If anyone has had problems related to contacts with non-ascii aliases,
please let me know. The ticket reports an error popup with "Error
encoding (?????? invie) to UCS-2BE from (unsupported conversion)"

1583: "Problems with dock icon under Window Maker"
Reported 2007-11-09 for Licq 1.3.5
The tickets reports if dragging Licq's dock icon to the dock, the next
time Licq is started the dock icon is initially empty and after changing
status a second icon appears (not in the dock) with the info.
Maybe related to 1480 above, again I would like to know if dock icons
are working properly with WindowMaker.

1632: "Licq is unable to fetch icq6 away messages"
Reported 2008-05-12
If anyone has contacts using ICQ 6, please let me know if away messages
are readable.


Sep 3, 2011, 7:49:11 AM9/3/11
to Licq Users

After Licq is closed these "spammers" are not removed from "Not In
List" group ( till Licq 1.5.0 ).

In Licq 1.5.1 now i see new (for me personal, I don't remember to see
it before) group "Other Users" where I have same these spammers and
they not dissapear from the group when I close Licq.

Because I'm not sure in which of 2 groups in Licq 1.5.1 spammers go by
default, I will reply when a new one sends me a message.

Anders Olofsson

Sep 4, 2011, 2:29:35 PM9/4/11
Hi, and thanks for replying.
I've looked through the code again and from what I can see, they
shouldn't be added permanently. I tried to reproduce the fault but
couldn't... (I don't actually get this problem for real as spammers seem
to only use authorization requests when contacting me.)

The next time it happens, could you please check if the spammer is in
the "Not in List" group, both before and after you restart Licq.
Also, any lines from the network log from the time the message arrives
until you shut down might also be helpful.


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