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Abdeslam ben issa

Apr 12, 2018, 10:21:24 AM4/12/18
to libstrophe
first of all thx very much to all
i'm student and i want develop a client xmpp support many authentication mechanisms and i read your example i can't understand what the necessary think to dev a client with the libstrophe
can you help me plaise

Dmitry Podgorny

Apr 22, 2018, 4:27:12 AM4/22/18
to libstrophe
Hello, sorry for the delay with answer.

Developing full featured client is a quite complex task. I would recommend to start with basics. Try to write the next functionality step by step:
  1. Log in and log out with existing account. This is covered by example "examples/basic.c". I would highly recommend to use default logger (see "xmpp_get_default_logger(XMPP_LEVEL_DEBUG)" in the example). The logger will print debug information on your screen.
  2. Send and receive a message (examples/bot.c)
  3. Send initial presence stanza (examples/bot.c)
  4. Receive roster (examples/roster.c)
These steps are enough to play with for the first time.

Please, ask specific questions if you have.
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