libstrophe for Android (How-to)

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Dmitry Podgorny

Oct 16, 2015, 10:25:51 AM10/16/15
to libstrophe
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I've added makefiles for Android to the android branch. For now, without TLS support, because building openssl for android is not an easy task for me. So, in order to build libstrophe complete the next steps:

1. Fetch libstrophe and switch to the android branch (the branch adds makefiles for Android):
    git clone
    cd libstrophe && git checkout android

2. Place expat sources to expat/ directory, check that ./expat/lib exists (I used expat-2.1.0)

3. Change ./jni/ if needed (set correct platform and targets)

4. run `ndk-build`

The above steps build static library and examples/basic.c.
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