Checking for Encrypted Communication

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Sep 18, 2014, 9:24:40 AM9/18/14
I would like to provide an indicator in my client user interface to show that messages are encrypted.   This is so that the user knows that communications are as secure as they can be without resorting to OTR.

The Strophe _xmpp_conn_t struct has a member variable "secured", which seems to be part of what I want, but member variables seem not to be publicly accessible so I added a public function to access it:

int xmpp_conn_is_secured(xmpp_conn_t * const conn)
    return conn->secured;

It struck me as odd that this functionality was missing from Strophe, so is it me that's missing something?

I say it's part of what I want, because so far I've found no way to determine if communications over the remaining links (server->remote server and remote server->remote client) are encrypted.   Can anyone tell me if that's possible and point me in the right direction, please?

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