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Janette Eldridge

Aug 7, 2020, 8:27:05 AM8/7/20
to Libsa


Mary J Ruwart Ph.D.

11 hrs · 

FDA regulation is a two-edged sword. Delaying approval until we see if side effects occur in other countries can save our lives. However, we also get life-saving medications years later than other countries, causing many Americans to die needlessly. What is the final outcome? The average new drug spends 10-14 years jumping through the regulatory hoops to get from the lab bench to the market. Since 1962, 15 million Americans have died waiting for the drugs that could have saved them — more casualties than from all of the wars since our country’s founding.

Source: bit.ly/Death-By-Regulation



Aug 9, 2020, 8:54:00 PM8/9/20
to LibertarianSA
Hi Janette,

It's true, citizens should be free to choose the quality of their ingestibles.

Even if it doubles the number of deaths.... the really hard habit to kill is expecting others to do your vigilance for gratis. That does seem to be the one piece of advice given to US citizens that they could not afford to ignore.

I'd like to think it wouldn't take 30 million deaths for people to kick the habit.

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