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Janette Eldridge

Sep 20, 2020, 11:17:11 AM9/20/20

Starting in just two weeks, Liberty International (LI) is giving 16 zoom webinars on the principles of

liberty and effective communication in its Libertarian Solutions course (see

for further details). The faculty consists of several libertarian

luminaries and the cost is a modest $75. (The fee will benefit Liberty International during these tough times, and is tax-deductible - if itemized - in the USA).

However, about half of the potential attendees are from the Third World and can’t afford even this

modest fee. LI is asking for scholarship sponsors; each $75 donor will be

matched with a worthy participant who will send a thank you letter and

personal picture of your recipient.

Can’t afford $75? Since we are giving a 50% discount to Students for Liberty and other student groups, your donation of $32.50 will

also allow a student from the developing world to learn about liberty.

Please help the next generation of freedom lovers to understand and apply

the principles of libertarianism in their communities!”


Graeme Pyle

Sep 20, 2020, 6:40:12 PM9/20/20
to LibertarianSA
Thanks. I see they have a free trial of the first 2 courses also.

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