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Radek Krejčí

Jun 12, 2015, 7:53:12 AM6/12/15
to libnetconf,
Hello all,

I want to thank you for all your feedback and for using libnetconf or Netopeer!

Due to GoogleCode shutdown, we had to move to GitHub. Therefore, the project pages now redirects you to the corresponding GitHub pages [1] and [2]. With this change, we also decided to close our Google groups we used to use as mailing list. From now you won't be able to add anything new, but everything is kept available for reading. So, instead of Google groups, please use the project's issue trackers at GitHub.

I want also to inform you about the current state and future development plans regarding libnetconf and Netopeer. This email is actually also announcement of new stable versions - we have libnetconf 0.10 and Netopeer 0.8. libnetconf is actually a candidate to version 1.0. From now, we don't plan to add any new features, but we are still going to fix both of them to allow you using them in your projects. However, we know about many issues that we are not able to solve right now. libnetconf is not fully compliant with YANG specification, transAPI is not fully integrated in the libnetconf core which in combination with libxml2 causes non optimal use of memory resources and there are some other issues. We know about them, but to solve these issue we have to rewrite libnetconf from scratch.

We already made the first step and we are currently working on libyang [3] - library that will allow us to represent and manipulate YANG schemas and data more efficiently. This is the first and necessary step before we start working on next generation of our NETCONF library and NETCONF server implementation (libnetconf2 and Netopeer2 are only working names :)). We hope, that there will be something usable at the end of this year.

Best regards,
Radek Krejci

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