How is "Unexpected RX- Character" handled in libmodbus-RTU?

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Dec 17, 2021, 1:02:00 AM12/17/21
to libmodbus

a question regarding Modbus-RTU implementation on Linux.

From old times I remember bad consequences on serial connections, when
"unexpected characters" were inducted onto the wires. No problem
for interfaces, generating 1 interrupt/char, as for Modbus-protocol,
this character should be ignored because of a char-timeout.

But this might be a different story, when having a buffering interface,
which should be standard nowadays. Depending upon usage or setup of this interface,
the "Unexpected RX-Character" might stay in RX-silo for longer period of time,
to be improperly interpreted as "Address Field", after arrival of a valid data frame.

Can somebody clarify on this potential issue, with special respect to LINUX ?


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