libjpeg-turbo 2.1 beta1 has been released

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Nov 25, 2020, 12:04:56 AM11/25/20
Binaries and source tarball are here:

Change log is here:


Major changes relative to 2.0.x:

- Linux x32 ABI support

- Complete Arm Neon SIMD implementation (including progressive Huffman
encoding) using compiler intrinsics
* Significantly faster performance in many cases, especially when
using Clang
* Enables Windows/Arm builds using Visual Studio

- Complete Loongson MMI SIMD implementation
* Significantly faster performance
* configure-time and run-time auto-detection of CPU support for MMI

- Added a separate libjpeg-turbo SDK package for iOS that includes both
an Armv8/arm64 fork for production use and an x86-64 fork for simulator use

- Removed support for 32-bit iOS from the iOS package

- Added an Armv8/arm64 (Apple silicon) fork to the libjpeg-turbo SDK
package for macOS

- Removed support for 32-bit macOS/OS X from the macOS package

- Significantly faster Huffman encoding performance for x86 CPUs

- Fault-tolerant block smoothing when decompressing progressive
Huffman-encoded JPEG images

- Higher-quality block smoothing when decompressing DC scans of
progressive JPEG images

- Fault tolerance features in djpeg and jpegtran, to demonstrate
workarounds for known issues with the progressive JPEG format

- CMake package config files for both the libjpeg and TurboJPEG APIs

- Restored LZW-compressed GIF support (since the Unisys LZW patent has
long expired)

- Additional lossless cropping options in jpegtran (-wipe, -drop, image
expansion with -crop), ported from jpeg-9a and jpeg-9d

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