libjpeg-turbo 2.1.3 has been released

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Feb 25, 2022, 5:25:23 PM2/25/22
Binaries and source tarball are here:

Change log is here:

Additional code cleanliness improvements not mentioned in the change log
(none of these affected the operation of libjpeg-turbo):

- Integrated CIFuzz, to provide quick & dirty fuzz testing of each new

- Clarified a few things in the build instructions.

- Embedded version information in the Windows DLLs.

- The core libraries now use Microsoft "safe string" functions with
Visual Studio builds, to avoid the need to suppress compiler warning C4996.

- Fixed other Visual Studio compiler warnings to bring libjpeg-turbo
into compliance with Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

- Fixed -Wpedantic GCC compiler warnings.

- The continuous integration builds now test strict GCC and Visual
Studio compiler warnings.

- Removed all remaining support for non-ANSI C compilers.

- Fixed UBSan warnings (all innocuous) in the AArch64 Neon SIMD Huffman

- Minor (probably not noticeable) AArch64 Neon SIMD performance
improvements with recent Clang releases

- Fixed an oversight in the arithmetic decoder that caused it to
silently allow the last coefficient index to be > 63 in sequential JPEG
headers rather than triggering a libjpeg API warning. (This was a
non-issue, since that index is never used when decompressing sequential
JPEG images.)

- Fixed warnings reported by the PVS-Studio static analyzer.

- The build system now disallows NEON_INTRINSICS=0 if GAS is broken
(i.e. if would be required.)

- Made the text of incompatible feature errors in the libjpeg API more

As always, this project would not exist without your financial help. If
your organization could benefit from any of the feature requests marked
"funding needed"
then please contact me for a cost estimate. Individual donations are
also accepted via PayPal
or Venmo @dcommander and are greatly appreciated. Every dollar goes
directly toward the continued developed of libjpeg-turbo. Hopefully you
will soon be able to donate via GitHub Sponsors as well.

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