Yes, I know that libjpeg-turbo 3.0 is overdue

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Jun 6, 2023, 11:45:50 AM6/6/23
The beta testing phase is normally three months, which means that
libjpeg-turbo 3.0 should have been released on May 8. Several personal
factors have delayed the release. There were also a raft of last-minute
bug reports submitted by the community, most of which were related to
oversights in the lossless JPEG implementation (such as unrelated
modules that should have been disabled with lossless decompression but
weren't.) It took some time to diagnose and resolve those issues. Now
I'm dealing with the renewal of my expired code signing certificate,
which is not going as smoothly as I would have hoped. As soon as that
is resolved, then I can release 3.0.

As I mentioned previously, it was necessary to borrow against expected
project funding well into next year in order to release libjpeg-turbo
3.0 beta1. Because of the labor necessary to resolve the aforementioned
last-minute bugs, now our project funding is exhausted through May of
2024. That means that I will only be able to work on critical bug fixes
for the next year unless further project funding is secured. Donations
will shorten that window and make it possible to work on new features
sooner. However, I want to emphasize that the lack of project funding
is not delaying the 3.0 release.

Thank you for your patience. There are a lot of issues that I have to
deal with as the sole project maintainer, and not all of those issues
are obvious to the community. I am dealing with them as quickly as I can.

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