libjpeg-turbo 2.1.0 has been released

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Apr 23, 2021, 3:45:50 PM4/23/21
Binaries and source tarball are here:

Change log is here:

In addition to the items mentioned in the change log, libjpeg-turbo is
also now completely integrated with OSS-Fuzz, Google's continuous
fuzzing engine. Google sponsored my labor to perform this integration,
which improved fuzzing code coverage for libjpeg-turbo by about 3x. All
code paths that accept arbitrary image files are now covered, and the
only code remaining uncovered is code that implements infrequently-used
features of the libjpeg API (refer to This effort
has already uncovered a handful of innocuous issues reported by MSan and
UBSan, all of which have been fixed in this release. Going forward,
OSS-Fuzz will make it easier to catch potential security issues in new
code before those issues are released, which will improve the quality of
libjpeg-turbo as well as reduce the maintenance burden on me.

I also want to mention a long-term feature proposal that is currently in
need of funding:
This proposal would overhaul the TurboJPEG API to make it as versatile
as the libjpeg API (or at least nearly so) as well as generally less
clunky, in hopes of giving developers a viable path forward from the
30-year-old libjpeg API. If your organization is interested in
sponsoring this effort, then please contact me off-list.


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