LexFarm Update: Adopt a Goat for the Holidays!

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November 29, 2012

Adopt a Goat for the Holidays!

goatsIt's hard to believe it's been over a year since we started operating the LexFarm Goat Yard. After four full seasons in their home, Ionia and the herd are now familiar with all the sights and sounds of the nearby Busa Farm and Arlington Reservoir. And we have become much more aware of the many opportunities available to us for farm-based education, especially with this herd of beautiful dairy goats. So as we look forward to next year and plan for more classes involving the goats and goat yard, we continue to need your support. We hope you'll consider "adopting" a goat during this holiday, gift-giving season from our Adopt-a-Goat program.

Provide a unique gift and make a real difference to LexFarm!

RFP Update:� Busa Farm Lease Extended to 2013

There has been no recent news regarding the Town of Lexington's schedule for providing a Request for Proposals for a community farm on the Busa Farm property. What we do know is that there will not be a community farm before 2014. The good news is that the Town has extended the lease to Dennis Busa to operate Busa Farm for one more growing season - through November 30, 2013.

LexGWAC presents:� "Tipping Point" Film Screening

��� December 3, Monday, Cary Library, 7 pm

As part of LexFarm's mission for education about farms, farming and sustainable land use and its connection to environmental concerns in the face of climate change, we are pleased to feature special events offered by the Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition (LexGWAC) and encourage attendance from LexFarm supporters.

tipping_pointAs part of its on-going movie series, the Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition will be hosting a film screening on the "Tipping Point," a documentary on tar sand mining in Alberta, Canada - one of the largest oil-producing energy projects in the world -� and the controversies surrounding it.� Come join friends and neighbors in watching this captivating, eye-opening film.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Wild Edible Plant Series, Part Four: Autumn Olive

This series will cover wild edible plants found in New England as told in Russ Cohen's book, "Wild Plants I Have Known... and Eaten."� If you haven't had the chance, take some time to read this delightfully informative book to find out more on wild plants for sustainable eating.

Note:� If you are unfamiliar with harvesting wild edibles, please consult a plant expert before attempting to forage on your own.

autumn oliveThe autumn olive plant (Elaeagnus umbellata) is a spreading shrub uncommonly known to New England natives until it was planted along highways for decorative use by the Massachusetts Highway Department. Since then, it has been thriving successfully even in less than ideal conditions, from gravel pits to fields with poor topsoil.� The autumn olive shrub is typically 8' tall with silvery-green leaves that are about 2" long.� When in bloom, they are covered in fragrant, four-petaled yellow flowers.� Although considered an invasive species, the autumn olive has been planted for its visual appeal and as a favored food source for birds as well as humans.� When ripened and ready for harvesting from early October and possibly into December, the berries are red with silvery-white specks and are about the size of large peas.� They are a great source for Vitamin C and are loaded with lycopene, a cancer and heart disease-fighting antioxidant often found in red fruits such as tomatoes.� Depending on the shrub, the autumn olive can vary in sweetness and tartness, so it is important to taste and pick berries from the same shrub to ensure the best flavor.� Although it has many seeds which are also edible, autumn olives can be eaten raw or processed by separating the seeds from the fruit to make a tasty pur�e for multiple use.

Membership Corner

Membership Drive

phoneIn 2011, LexFarm decided to offer an annual membership program - to build a financial base along with a community of farm-based education supporters. With a modest membership fee of $20 for an individual and $35 for a family, the program has proved to be a great way to stay connected with those awaiting a community farm in Lexington, as well as those seeking community-based farm education programs in the area. It has also provided needed funds to continue all of our work.

If you are not yet a member, don't be surprised if you receive a call in the next few weeks: we hope you'll respond by becoming a proud LexFarm member and joining the community.

Show Your Support, Become a Member

A donation of $20.00 for an individual membership or $35.00 for a family membership will help us meet our current expenses and plan for the future.� You can sign up online here or send a check payable to Lexington Community Farm Coalition at P.O. Box 554, Lexington, MA 02420. If you have any questions, contact Brenda Netreba at membe...@lexfarm.org.

Further Thinking

Meet Farmers To You, a regional food system and updated CSA model that connects Vermont farmers with Boston-based families in providing a wide range of seasonally grown, raised, and produced farm-fresh foods.� Read more about it here.

We welcome your feedback

Please write us at newsl...@lexfarm.org with all feedback regarding the Update or if you have suggestions for area events that we can announce.

Jeanne Lin and Allison Moody

Membership Corner

Membership Drive

Further Thinking

Farmers to You:� CSA 2.0

Area Events

Note: Member prices refer to membership in the organization hosting the event.

December 8, Somerville, 10 am - 12 noon
Handmade Happy Meal
Join local celebrity chef, mom, and children�s food expert JJ Gonson from Cuisine en Locale, for a fun filled, hands-on cooking experience that brings the family back together in the kitchen to learn how to make delicious, healthy, and family approved food for all! Suggested age range: 5 - 8 years old.
$50 non-member, $40 NOFA member

December 9, Boston, 1 - 3 pm
The Perennial Chef: Cooking Healthy and Local All Year Round
Want to bring healthy, local foods into your kitchen, and stay on-budget, too?� Learn to make the most of the abundant produce available in New England! The workshop will cover time-saving ways to prepare delicious meals with recipes from The Farmer�s Kitchen.� We�ll talk about how to store your produce and basic cooking techniques to get the best flavor.�
$40 non-member, $30 NOFA member

December 11, Somerville, 11:30 am - 11:30 pm
Flatbread Pizza Fundraiser for Waltham Fields
Part of the day�s pizza sales will go to support Waltham Fields Community Farm. The more pizzas sold the more gets donated! Please bring your friends and family out for some brick-oven pies and check out the bowling lanes too. Take out is available if you can't stay!

December 15, Brookline, 1 - 3 pm
Seed to Seed Fall Urban Gardening Series
In this introductory seed-saving workshop you will learn how to begin reaping the benefits of growing, selecting and saving your own seeds season after season.
This workshop will introduce you to the process of choosing, growing, saving and storing seeds and provide you with resources that will help guide you through the process.
$30 non-member, $25 NOFA member

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