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Rose MacGregor

Jun 20, 2010, 1:17:15 AM6/20/10
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Im excited to teach this workshop for the next drum circle. I love sharing tribal vocabulary so that we can dance together without choreography. It feels great to be able to communicate non verbally and stay in sync even when straying from a vocab and into true improvisation. We will go over some basic moves that are great in the sand then practice using and following cues to the rhythm of the drums. (We may even pick up some zills)

Zatara has offered to open her lovely gallery for the workshop and it is within 1/2 mile from the beach where the drum circle following class 6:30-sunset.

Blessings for a new summer!


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Good afternoon !!!
Lovely Roma is offering to teach a : TRIBAL BELLYDANCE WORKSHOP
Sunday 6/27 4-6 p.m. at the Peninsula Gallery in Lewes. 
Her description for the class:
Learn basic moves for group improvisational dancing as well as some variations, turns, and how to use and follow cues.  Practice transitions between moves and dancing in formation with other dancers. Practice using cues while others follow you and how to change leadership to appeal to an audience that surrounds you using multiple directions.
Moves to include: (fast) Ghawazee, Square, HIp Bump, Pivot Bump, Shimmy, Amaya Box , Arabic, Turkish, and Egyptian, Slow Taxeem, Maya, Egyptian Figure 8, Rib Cage & Torso Rotations. Great moves for the Sand !!!
All of this for ONLY ....$25.00 !!!!
all levels of dance experience are welcome.....So come ENJOY & EXPLORE the world of TRIBAL !!!!
OH ....and then come show off what you've learned at the beach !!!!
Jam Jam has purchased a REALLY COOL SOUND SYSTEM that will play cd's as well as connect to an ipod.   So please feel free to bring along music to share....Last week Leah provided us with that FUNKY GYPSY music from the BALKAN BEATBOX !!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOO  FUN !!!!!
MORE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!
Any questions..or for more info:
Call me:  302.645.0551 wk or 302.644.3723 hm
I look forward the the pleasure of your dance & drum energy !!
BIG HUGS !!!!!!!!!

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Amany Amany

Jun 22, 2010, 8:14:34 AM6/22/10
to lewesbe...@googlegroups.com
Just in case you couldn't get Erin's email address, it is below

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