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Dec 1, 2017, 9:19:24 PM12/1/17
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I have been using Leveldb Go Implementation. Our ldb files got corrupt, and we repaired it, after which the reading from ldbs are very slow. So We went for compaction, I started the compaction process, and its been 5 days, its still going on with such logs as

01:52:57.312437 table@build created L1@3381804 N·94198 S·2MiB "\x00\x01#..jpg,v150947688":"\x00\x01#..jpg,v151041562"
01:59:11.371056 table@build created L1@3381805 N·94495 S·2MiB "\x00\x01#..jpg,v151041444":"\x00\x01#..jpg,v151134782"
02:05:23.628347 table@build created L1@3381806 N·94800 S·2MiB "\x00\x01#..jpg,v151135023":"\x00\x01#..jpg,v151230672"
02:11:33.385076 table@build created L1@3381807 N·94800 S·2MiB "\x00\x01#..jpg,v151229787":"\x00\x01#..jpg,v151325118"
02:17:42.607410 table@build created L1@3381808 N·94799 S·2MiB "\x00\x01#..jpg,v151324781":"\x00\x01#..jpg,v151420251"
02:23:51.810421 table@build created L1@3381809 N·94800 S·2MiB "\x00\x01#..jpg,v151420189":"\x00\x01$..jpg,v151514817"
02:30:00.809655 table@build created L1@3381810 N·94899 S·2MiB "\x00\x01$..jpg,v151515273":"\x00\x01$..jpg,v151610227"
02:36:11.322359 table@build created L1@3381811 N·94792 S·2MiB "\x00\x01$..jpg,v151610692":"\x00\x01$..jpg,v151704763"
02:42:19.410220 table@build created L1@3381812 N·94800 S·2MiB "\x00\x01$..jpg,v151704035":"\x00\x01$..jpg,v151799043"
02:48:33.530989 table@build created L1@3381813 N·94900 S·2MiB "\x00\x01$..jpg,v151799253":"\x00\x01$..jpg,v151894398"

I want to know about compaction, When It will be completed, there will be some message in the log? or will it be going on like this forever and I need to stop it?
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