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Carlos Risopatron

Sep 3, 2007, 5:51:24 AM9/3/07
to letsthinkchina group, letsthinkchina abridged email subscribers
if there is a recession in the US, metal stocks in China will be
negatively affected same as some export companies, take care and
invest in companies drived by China internal demand, as food
companies, banks are expected to be stable but in some extension I see
dips that can be good vuy opportunities, take care with metal stocks
as housing will slow down and US is china main importer...



Sep 3, 2007, 6:08:15 PM9/3/07
to Lets Think China
hi Carlos,

Thank you very much for the reponse.

my primary investment targets are to go for the simple 4 main
category, in
chinese, it is called (directly translated) - clothes, food, housing,

commodity in a way was related to the Transport and Housing as I was
thinking along the line that Molybdenum, part of the ingredient for
production, would likely to sustain its demand due to the higher needs
of chinese for more and better housing. Also the plan by china to
their aging railway system. As such, I was also looking at Angang
Steel (0347.HK).
These I thought, are important foundation stocks for a nation which is
in the
verge of major expansion, or already at full steam. The demand for
commodity would be high domestically, rather than relying on export

further, I thought with the recent china government's directive to
allow chinese
to invest in hong kong stock directly, it would push up the prices.

i have also read that due to "face issue", chinese government is
likely to sustain
the stock market till 2008 (bejing olympic), and then maybe till 2010
(shanghai expo).
And chinese government can do that by allowing more funds to be
issued, and
currently, china listed funds can only buy into china stocks and most
hong kong stocks.

i am not sure if such info that i read are relevant or accurate, as
such, i am
just keeping a very close watch on the market.

On Sep 3, 5:51 pm, "Carlos Risopatron" <>

Siwei Zhong

Sep 3, 2007, 10:42:29 PM9/3/07
to Lets Think China
funds under QDII theoretically can also buy US funds through HK, but i
think it's unlikely and most of the investment i believe will be in HK
blue chips, H shares and red chips.

I try to avoid commodity stocks as they are both affected by globacl
commodity price and China government policy.

I like domestic consumption stocks as it virtually will not be
affected by US down cycle (if it really happens). I like 2331 Lining
for its Olympic concept and also strong growth it demonstrated.

the 'face' story is already priced into the market, so this should not
be the reason to buy at this stage.

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Sep 4, 2007, 9:16:44 AM9/4/07
to Lets Think China
can you tell us more about stocks in clothes, food, housing,and
what about chinese bonds market?

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