Connecting Academia/Researchers within EA, rationality, AI, transhumanism and quantified self

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Marcel Ackermann

Dec 13, 2015, 12:31:44 PM12/13/15
to Marcel Ackermann, Alexandra Surdina

At Five Worlds Collide in Vienna, we came up with the idea of a
connection tool for people in the related communities who are either
working in academia, or otherwise interested in connections to
academic researchers. We hope that it will foster academic
collaboration, and help people to find others who are already working
on topics they're interested in. (We stole the idea of a connection
document from EA Global and Five Worlds Collide, and modified it so it
would fit our needs.)

Aaaaand ... *drumroll* ... here it finally is! :)

To all research-affine people at academic institutions out there, or
those of you who are looking for connections to academia:

Step 1: Please fill out your contact details.
Step 2: Then, help us to spread the word by passing along this text in
the communities (Rationality, Effective Altruism, Artificial
Intelligence, Transhumanism, Quantified Self).

Thank you and all the best,
Alex and Marcel
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