I've just uploaded a dummy release to PyPi

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Edward K. Ream

Feb 6, 2024, 6:30:14 PMFeb 6
to leo-editor
The latest release on PyPi exists only to tell people that Leo is distributed only on GitHub.

The dummy release isn't a perfect solution because the page implies that `pip install leo` will work. But it won't.

PR #3783 does the dirty work of creating the dummy distro.
This PR has now been closed. It will never be merged into devel or master.

PR #3775 contains the ongoing work of preparing for Leo 6.7.8.
This PR will eventually be merged into both devel and master.


I've just created the last (dummy) release on PyPi. This dummy release implies that `pip install leo` will work. This may create confusion, but that can't be helped.

From here on, Leo will be distributed only on GitHub.

All comments and questions are welcome.

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