cabal install leksah: unable to resolve dependencies

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Jan 19, 2018, 1:46:56 AM1/19/18
to leksah
Hi. I am trying to install leksah but got the following error when trying to run 'cabal install leksah':

# cabal install leksah
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
trying: leksah-server- (dependency of leksah-
next goal: haddock-api (dependency of leksah-server-
rejecting: haddock-api-2.17.4, haddock-api-, haddock-api-2.17.3,
haddock-api-2.17.2, haddock-api-2.16.1, haddock-api-2.16.0,
haddock-api-, haddock-api-, haddock-api-2.15.0 (conflict:
leksah-server => haddock-api>=2.18.1 && <2.19)
Dependency tree exhaustively searched.

Any idea how I can resolve this? Thanks in advance.

More info:
# cabal info base
* base             (library)
    Synopsis:      Basic libraries
    Versions available:,,,,,,
              ,, (and 15 others)
    Versions installed:
    Homepage:      [ Not specified ]
    Description:   This package contains the "Prelude" and its support
                   libraries, and a large collection of useful libraries ranging
                   from data structures to parsing combinators and debugging
    Category:      Prelude
    License:       BSD3
    Maintainer:    ***Removed to prevent email scrapping***
    Source repo:
    Flags:         integer-simple, integer-gmp
    Dependencies:  rts ==1.0.*, ghc-prim ==0.5.*,
                   invalid-cabal-flag-settings <0,
                   integer-simple >=0.1.1 && <0.2, integer-gmp ==1.0.*
    Documentation: /opt/programs/ghc-8.2.1/share/doc/ghc-8.2.1/html/libraries/base-

# cabal info haddock
* haddock          (program)
    Synopsis:      A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
    Versions available: 0.8, 0.9,,, 2.16.0, 2.16.1, 2.17.2,
                        2.17.4, 2.17.5 (and 33 others)
    Versions installed: [ Unknown ]
    Description:   Haddock is a documentation-generation tool for Haskell
    Category:      Documentation
    License:       BSD3
    Author:        Simon Marlow, David Waern
    Maintainer:    ***Removed to prevent email scrapping***
    Executables:   haddock
    Flags:         in-ghc-tree
    Dependencies:  haddock-api ==2.17.4, transformers -any, bytestring -any,
                   ghc >=7.11 && <8.1, ghc-boot -any, Cabal >=1.10,
                   xhtml ==3000.2.*, array -any, deepseq -any, containers -any,
                   directory -any, filepath -any, base ==4.9.*,
                   haddock-test ==0.0.1, filepath -any, base -any,
                   haddock-test ==0.0.1, filepath -any, base -any,
                   haddock-test ==0.0.1, filepath -any, base -any,
                   haddock-test ==0.0.1, filepath -any, base -any, hspec -any,
                   base -any
    Cached:        No

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