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Welcome to Google Leining, where topics related to reading from the Torah (including but not limited to grammar, trope, manuscripts, and Masoretic notes) are discussed.

Here are two pieces of information which were posted to the original Google Leining group as separate files (Google got rid of such files in late 2010):

      Here are links to WWWpages associated with members:

Dr. David Hirschorn: DafYomi.ORG
Ari Kinsberg: Lion of Zion 'blog (currently by invitation only)
R' Richard Wolpoe: Nishma 'blog

      Here are links to Leining-relevant WWWpages:

mafsiq levels and axioms an Aspaqlaria article & comments on "tropology"
ta'am (m'eila) referenced in M'sorah G'dolah to Lev 21:4 (via HebrewBooks.org)
two t'amim on one word --
'sing'ing both
RZHanau, "Sha'arei Zimrah" (via HebrewBooks.org)