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Sep 22, 2013, 1:31:39 PM9/22/13
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I've been really busy (on the radio, see my News below) and now I'm trying to catch up.  So rather than pepper you with four smaller, two-week editions, this is going to be the GIANT END-OF SUMMER 2013 edition!  

I know it's a lot of content (great stuff, if I do say so myself - and hey! I just did), so take your time to browse and click through on what's interesting to you. Looking forward, I'm aiming to get back to the once-every-two-week newsletter schedule.

This newsletter is organized into four sections, 

1.  New on the "I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I Read?" Blog
2.  Lee's News
3.  Children's Literature, SCBWI and Publishing Updates
4.  Current Inspiration

I hope you find it useful and inspiring.

Thanks for reading!

p.s.  If you'd like to be in touch, please don't hit reply - just send me an email directly at iamle...@gmail.com  Thanks!

1.  New on the "I'm Here. I'm Queer.  What the Hell do I Read?" Blog:


Hungry Ghost - College Age Lesbian Werewolves http://bit.ly/14yh00b #LGBTQ 


Another F-Word - A Young Man Comes of Age and Comes Out http://bit.ly/13CIxT5 #lgbtq


My Life After Now - A 16 Year Old Girl, Before & After Her HIV Diagnosis http://bit.ly/18HIdkk


Finding Bluefield - 2 women fall in love & raise a son http://bit.ly/1759kpr  #LGBTQ


The Culling - Gay Dystopian Hunger-Games-like Thriller http://bit.ly/17Bu88S

 I Know Very Well How I Got My Name- Young & Transgender in High School http://bit.ly/15eQpaP #LGBTQ

Diverse Energies- a YA Dystopian Anthology focused on diversity - racial and #LGBT! http://bit.ly/12JnGI6

Arabelle's Shadows - A Young Bi Woman Fights Her Way Through Depression & Modeling http://bit.ly/1aWonqC #LGBTQ 

OUT - In a sci fi society where opposite-sex couples are forbidden, a teen guy falls for a girl http://bit.ly/16IC5cc #LGBTQ 

Stop Bullying Me!- A Manga Where A Boy Falls For His Brother's (Not-So-Nice) Best Friend http://bit.ly/16c6r9H #LGBTQ  review by Aaron Walsh

Sailor Moon- A Manga Where Teenage Superheroes (Some of them #LGBTQ) Fight To Save Our World! http://bit.ly/132uW1T Review by Aaron Walsh

Our Intern Aaron's #LGBTQ Teen Manga Review Wrap-Up http://bit.ly/16Ayw7H

Marco Impossible- BFFs (1 Gay, 1 Not) On A Mission To Get the Gay Guy the Guy Of His Dreams http://bit.ly/16qVWJK #LGBTQ 

Awakening - Sci Fi that includes a Gay Character of Color! http://bit.ly/16ir1ye #LGBTQ

Lunatic Fringe - College Age Lesbian Werewolves http://bit.ly/1exTCJh #LGBTQ 

Hungry Ghost book 2- More College-Age Lesbian Werewolves http://bit.ly/14yh00b

What Makes A Baby - A Picture Book For Every Kind of Family & Every Kind of Kid http://bit.ly/163GfKD #LGBTQ 

Rose And Spindle - Gay Historical Fantasy Romance http://bit.ly/15yR57M #lgbtq 

@LaurentLinn Gives Us The Scoop on Patricia Polacco's 25th Anniversary Edition of "The Keeping Quilt" http://bit.ly/19MLXFK

Forgery Of The Month Club - A Memoir full of #LGBTQ Family Members http://bit.ly/1dBcuUs

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children - A Transgender Novel http://bit.ly/19Rsz71 #lgbtq 

Normal?- A Novel in the Style of a Memoir about a Gay Teen Adopted Into a #LGBTQ Family http://bit.ly/1fmrMeT 

I Heard the Pastor’s Daughter Is Gay- A Teen Girl Struggles With Faith & Being Attracted To Other Girls http://bit.ly/17nuXBx

Artifice - A Gay Sci Fi Thriller Graphic Novel http://bit.ly/16WyMtM #lgbtq 

The Culling- A Gay Dystopian Thriller: "like the Hunger Games, except with gay characters." -Advocate http://bit.ly/17Bu88S

In Stone: A Grotesque Faerie Tale- A Gay Teen Is Attacked, Then Rescued by A Magical Creature: A Gargoyle http://bit.ly/16n8mWf

Culture, Politics, & Gay-Straight Alliance Info:

Jack Adraka is a 16 Year Old Openly Gay Scientist http://bit.ly/180pDBu #lgbtq


California's Governor Brown Signs the Transgender Student Success Bill http://bit.ly/14Y681C #LGBTQ 


Don't be fooled - Andrew Dixon demos the Fake-Out of before/after photos http://bit.ly/172IoXp


To Russia With Love - a petition to Putin http://bit.ly/1dS7COm  #LGBTQ #lgbtrussiaprotest


Be My "All-American Boy" a music video by Steve Grand http://bit.ly/15FKYDB #LGBTQ 

Eli Lieb's "Young Love" Music Video - Gay and Awesome http://bit.ly/1414tBS #LGBTQ 

New Blog Resource To Note: Straight Parent, Gay Kid http://bit.ly/16IBVS8

Where Are The Gay Parents In Children's Literature?- A Resource (with Reviews) To Know About http://bit.ly/1d5pscR

A High School's "Cutest Couple" is Two Guys! http://bit.ly/15FMUMx #LGBTQ 

California's Governor Brown signs the Transgender Student Success Bill http://bit.ly/14Y681C

Martin Duberman "History Lessons" Interview At Lambda Literary http://bit.ly/17LaOpR #lgbtq 

Russia's Attack On #LGBTQ Rights and the Olympics, Part One: What's Going On? http://bit.ly/18MsMe2

Russia's Attack On #LGBTQ Rights and the Olympics, Part Two: What Can We Do? (GSA Mondays Are Back!) http://bit.ly/143l8VQ

President Obama's Speech on the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington http://bit.ly/15lFccj

Parents of a Gay Man Stand Up For #LGBTQ Rights While In Russia http://bit.ly/17df1la

"Before" & "After" Transformation Photos: Andrew Dixon Exposes The Diet/Fitness Industry's Fake Out http://bit.ly/172IoXp

2.  Lee's News:

I'm on the Radio!  

KID LIT with Lisa Loeb, the project I've been working on for months, is ready for the world!  We're now playing our first episode on public radio stations across the USA (and worldwide, we're available to online!) 

Find out all the details here: http://bit.ly/15pI3ia

2.  Children's Literature, SCBWI and Publishing Updates: 

Crowd Funding Bookstores - the latest twist in publishing http://bit.ly/1cXvorU #scbwi

150 resources for writers - an article worth exploring http://bit.ly/13ZDMMI #scbwi 

#LA13SCBWI - The Top Ten Things I'm Most Excited About http://bit.ly/11ziYz6

The Sold-Out #LA13SCBWI Summer Conference Starts Tomorrow! http://bit.ly/1afIUSz

A Twitter View of #LA13SCBWI http://bit.ly/13JZTYR

SCBWI 2013 Crystal Kite Winner Kate Messner for "Capture The Flag" http://bit.ly/16zoFMK #SCBWI 

SCBWI 2013 Crystal Kite Winner Jo Knowles for "See You At Harry's" http://bit.ly/1bzlLeN

SCBWI 2013 Crystal Kite Winner @kim_bak for "Pickle" http://bit.ly/16qNVn8 

SCBWI 2013 Crystal Kite Winner Sharon Cameron for "The Dark Unwinding" http://bit.ly/14bkQw6

SCBWI 2013 Crystal Kite Winner Benjamin Martin for "Samurai Awakening" http://bit.ly/14u5x1I

SCBWI 2013 Crystal Kite Winner Jennifer Lanthier for "The Stamp Collector" http://bit.ly/15XuXLL

Portfolio Tips from SCBWI MidSouth Members Susan Eaddy & Mary Uhles http://bit.ly/1cBQiJy #scbwimidsouth2013 

Innovations In Book Marketing- A Guest Post by @mstewartscience http://bit.ly/138d0pZ #scbwi 

Illustrators! A Digital & Interactive edition of Josef Alber's "Interaction of Color" http://bit.ly/180zwBj #scbwi 

How Do Dinosaurs Punctuate? (Or, Is It One Space Between Sentences Or Two?)  http://bit.ly/1f7IHae #SCBWI 

Query Letters To Agents That Worked http://bit.ly/15v8F0T #scbwi 

Amazon: "Would you like the e-book with that?" http://bit.ly/17W1hrZ #scbwi 

4.  Current Inspiration:

“There’s the you that you present to the world and then you know, of course, there’s the real one, and if you’re lucky there’s not a huge difference between those two people.”

- David Sedaris, 9:40 into his npr Fresh Air interview by Terry Gross “Let’s Explore” http://n.pr/15HsEuz 


Lee Wind, M.Ed.
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