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Sam Foster

Nov 3, 2011, 3:58:13 PM11/3/11
to leedsjs
I've created a github organization so we can better share development
on jackdaw, and moved my repo to it:


You all need to let me know your github accounts (and please make one
if you don't have one) so I can add you to the team. I've already
added Jimmy and Abe. Its free, will remain free and entitles you to
wear square glasses and hipster trousers.

If you've already forked Jackdaw I'm not sure how it works.. you may
be able to set the leedsjs remo as a remote? Someone will chime in I'm


Sam Foster

Nov 9, 2011, 9:58:44 AM11/9/11
to leedsjs
There's more stuff working with Jackdaw, that I hope will get us off
to a good start this evening. Nothing is set in stone, but to avoid
starting at a blank canvas (literally) there's the beginnings of a
core engine which emits events of various kinds, a notion of levels
(scenes if you like), and some (mostly throwaway) demo candy in the
example level which listens for some of the key events and makes
things move on the canvas. Oh and I got Jasmine integrated and working
with a dummy test so we can talk unit testing and see some of the
benefits (hopefully) of the modular design.

Tonight we'll get everyone set up with the repo checked out and I'll
walk through how I'm using AMD for the modules the game will be
comprised of, the events and other bits and pieces and deep dive into
anything people have questions on. Then I suggest we draw up a list of
TODOs and break out into groups of 1+ and get started on that list.

If you want to be involved but can't make it to the OBH tonight, log
into the #leedsjs IRC channel where we'll be chatting.

Not sure which room in OBH we'll be in.. look for updates here and/or
on twitter and #leedsjs. If you arrive late and can't find us, call my
mobile: 07948 397230
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