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Sep 5, 2011, 12:24:26 PM9/5/11
to leedsjs
Hi there,

I haven't actually been to a meetup yet, I hope you don't mind me
messaging. We're recruiting a developer in Leeds.

We need someone with Javascript and PHP experience (bonus points for

Just go to - Click the "We're hiring"
thing, or browse round to see what we're up to.

We're working on a few different things at the moment that are quite
exciting that we'll need you to work on:

- A multi-user collaborative WYSIWYG editor, it's in initial prototype
stages, and it's going very well. It's for our new CMS, Expose 2.
We're using the Jupiter algorithm to sync changes (like Google
Docs/Wave) and we're doing all the DOM manipulation ourselves instead
of using contentEditable. This means doing crazy things like drawing
our own caret. The idea being that rather than trying to fix up
contentEditable so it's bearable, we just write something clean from
the ground up.
- Our LED Billboard advertising platform, we have a couple of 9 metre
high ones on the M5 for one of our clients.
- The backends of websites and web apps, including a large procurement
platform for Yorkshire, which is going to be huge.

We also put out quite a bit of open source stuff. There's some info
about that over here - We haven't
put all our open source work on that blog yet. Something missing from
there is a PDF generation library entirely in client-side Javascript.
We've been on ajaxian a couple of times.

We're looking for various levels of experience, we're willing to train
people up if they're bright and enthusiastic. We're all a young team.
Got a lovely new office in Leeds. We like to go out drinking and have
laugh. Please get in touch or pass it on to anyone you know who'd fit
the bill :)


sam foster

Sep 9, 2011, 4:34:26 AM9/9/11
hi James,
thanks for getting in touch. As you'll have gathered, the mailing list
is pretty low traffic :)
Sounds like you've got some really interesting stuff going on. If you
can make it to one of our meetings perhaps you could do a quick demo.
I'd love to find out more and it all sounds like good, on-topic
material for the group.

This month we've got a browser-based-games topic, and we've a guest
speaker coming in to talk about his work on a 2.5D landscape renderer
using js+canvas. We've a sponsor who's got a javascript job opening to
pitch; he's getting in pizza for the group. The best way to a
developer's heart continues to be pizza apparently :) Maybe a similar
arrangement would work for you?


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