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Sam Foster

Oct 14, 2011, 9:13:39 AM10/14/11
to leedsjs
A few of us have been kicking around ideas for a group project. And I
think November's meetup is tentatively sketched in as a hands-on hack
evening to work on this project. Also, I've been wanting to gather the
leedsjs community around one medium or another so there's a reliable
channel to reach everyone.

So, lets hash it out here. Here's what I have heard so far:

* Something like (or possibly forked from) the brighton group's - which is a simple game-loop kind of
framework populated by the creations of the group members. That's just
an idea, we can depart from it entirely or not.

* It's going to be game-ish. We're at play here so fun > utility. It
will likely end up open-sourced on github which gives us a effective
platform for collaboration; now might be a good time to grab a github
account if you don't have one.

* We can team up and general mix it up - this isn't a coding
competition just a way to learn together.

* We don't expect to start and finish in 2 hours. We'll try and get
some of the framework in place for the day, and expect to hack on it
and any contributions that evening and in the weeks following.

Your thoughts?

Jimmy Forrester-Fellowes

Oct 20, 2011, 6:10:38 PM10/20/11
Sounds good Sam,

Look forward to next meet-up.

Could possibly do something like warioware. A game which is essentially a bunch of micro-games, each level has a simply objective and takes 5-10 seconds to play. Levels are stacked back to back so gameplay is quite frantic. We could all create a level or two. We'd need to flesh out the framework though so we could just hook in to existing graphics / sound libraries.

Also I like the idea of doing something like the brighton project, could fork it - how could we improve it? Could we add an element of gameplay to it?

I also really like the idea of doing something node.js based - just as I've not yet played with it.

just some ideas to throw in to the pot!

Sam Foster

Oct 27, 2011, 7:02:55 AM10/27/11
to leedsjs
I like the idea of the warioware thing, but I'm a bit worried that it
leaves the scope of what people need to do a bit broad - even if its
only a 10 second level, you still need to implement quite a lot if we
take on the variety of warioware. If we can narrow it down a bit more
and say its levels in a platformer, or rooms in a dungeon tromp,
that'd define the parameters a bit more. We could provide the walls,
doors and a basic monster + AI maybe and take it from there?

Should I start a repo? We need to throw it open for collaboration I
think as soon as the basic architecture is in place.


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