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Mark Wainwright

Apr 22, 2023, 4:04:32 AMApr 22
to leeds-hack-space

Hi All,

So it's Hack the Space day again and apologies I’m absent again. Below is a list of jobs that have either been suggested by members, left from last time or our ongoing monthly tasks. The list is also not exhaustive or in any particular order, so if anyone has any other jobs that they would like to tackle please add them to the list.

If someone could transfer these to the orange board that would be great. so people can sign up for jobs and tick them off.

  1. Kitchen

    1. General tidy/clean

    2. Oven deep clean

    3. Microwave deep clean

    4. Fridge/Freezer clean and remove out of date stuff

  2. Toilets

    1. General tidy/clean

    2. Check toilet seats are fixed in place

  3. Membership Storage courtyard

    1. Clear out rubbish that has blown in

  4. Back Corridor

    1. Move unmarked reclaimed 18mm MDF shapes to wood storage in workshop (not full sheet)

    2. Sweep floor

  5. Craft area

    1. General clean/tidy

    2. Sort used laser ply

    3. Sort fabric/wool/yarn

    4. Make room for sewing machines and plug box from library  in black ikea storage unit

  6. Workshop

    1. Sort out scrap wood

      1. Units next to table saw need re-stacking/sorting

      2. make room for 18mm scrap mdf from back corridor

      3. Bins need emptying and either taken for burning or recycling

    2. Deep clean floor/wall behind large bandsaw metal lathe

      1. Dragon Nix has sort out the mill area to make this easier

      2. Clear plastic boxes need tools putting back into draws or set aside for recycle if no longer needed

      3. Staplers and hot air gun need homes on french cleats

    3. French Cleats

      1. New clamp holder to reduce space used

      2. New holders for ryobi jigsaw

      3. New holder for ryobi palm router

      4. New holder for ryobi chargers

      5. New holder for ryobi circular saw

      6. New holders for other tools as needed

    4. Ironmongery area

      1. Clean/tidy reorganise all nails, screws etc

      2. Sort drill, bits and ancillary drawers

    5. New Vinyls for PPE drawers

    6. COSHH Cabinets

      1. Paint Cabinet

        1. List of contents

        2. Create COSHH file of data sheets

      2. Oils, Flammables, cleaners Cabinet

        1. Sort/tidy/clean remove old and empties

        2. List of contents

        3. Create COSHH file of data sheets

      3. Glues/resins cabinet

        1. Sort/tidy/clean remove old and empties

        2. List of contents

        3. Create COSHH file of data sheets

  7. Vinyl cutting

    1. Need new signs for PPE in workshop

    2. Need extra signs on both sides of bins so we know which is which

      1. Link for Bin vinyls https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18Fsu6w7VXq74zge889eyj99rlIqufnuO?usp=sharing

  8. Find uses for Slat board or Temporarily store somewhere

    1. could be used for storage around different areas eg

      1. Electronics bench

      2. 3d printer area

      3. darkroom

      4. craft area

      5. Social area

    2. Dont think there strong enough for use in workshop
      theres also some hangers in a box

  9. If Callum is in continuing PC upgrade

  10. Electronics bench tidy

  11. Electronics parts tidy sort

  12. Library

    1. Clean

    2. Move sewing machines to Black unit in craft area

    3. Continue adding the stuff on DnD table

    4. Find home for laminator

  13. Display Shelving

    1. Clean and reorganise

  14. Anything else

Thankyou to anybody who can do anything to help. any issues/questions ask any regular 24hr members or send me a message on Slack and ill endeavour to reply asap

Best Wishes Mark

Leeds Hackspace


Apr 22, 2023, 4:24:54 AMApr 22
to leeds-ha...@googlegroups.com
Can we add to the list- make a ramp for the fron door please? 

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