Tracking Group Trip Spending?

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May 5, 2024, 2:28:34 PMMay 5
to Ledger
I feel like this should be well-suited to double-entry accounting, but I'm struggling with how to set it up:

My friend and I take trips together. They're several weeks long, involve a lot of expenses from travel to hotel to food to entertainment to shopping. We each pay for different things, and settle up periodically. Up until now we've tracked these expenses in a spreadsheet.

I use Ledger for my personal and business accounting just fine. But how would I set up our travel tracking? These are the goals:

1. Ease of updating: I'd like to avoid redundant entries as much as possible.
2. Track every expense: the vendor paid, what was bought, amount
3. Track which traveler(s) paid for each thing,
4. Track what each traveler owes the other(s). Note that one purchase can contain multiple items that are purchased on behalf of any subset of travelers. 
5. If possible, track *how* each thing was paid for (e.g. Alice paid for this with cash, and that with her credit card, and this other thing with a credit she had).

Surely someone has already done this sort of thing, Does anyone have an example? Thanks!

Tobias Pfeiffer

May 5, 2024, 11:50:40 PMMay 5

FYI: We had a fairly lengthy discussion about that two years ago at

Maybe you can take some inspiration from that discussion.

Kind regards

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