Management summaries (balance, income, cashflow, retained) for filing from ledger-cli

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Daryl Manning

Feb 3, 2022, 3:33:22 PMFeb 3
to Ledger
What is everyone using to get management summaries/filings ie. balance sheet, income statement, cashflow, and retained earnings statements for handing over to legal filers or such?

Longer Tale

I've been using ledger for some time now between personal, portfolio, and a small business usually using reckon and emacs plugins. It's been great actually.

I'm in the position now of having to give management summaries on the small business (balance, sheet, income statement, cashflow, retained earnings statement) to allow my lawyers to file for the business.

Wondering what people are/have been using to get the formal statements that are required for legal filings. I mean, I just really need nicely formatted reports for the lawyers but am curious as to what people have used effectively.

I am aware of ledger-pyreports but have had some trouble getting it to not throw errors (just pinged author), but was also curious about how people have been managing their accountancy (vs. say, bookkeeping) for more strict requirements.

I imagine a pdf straight output or output in a form I can easily throw into GDocs or such to output a pdf is probably ideal.

Also, was really hard to find anything googling, so would love to know what code or other blog posts I should be reading on this.


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