Preliminary efforts in porting Ledger to Rust

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Dec 13, 2022, 11:17:28 AM12/13/22
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Hi! I'd like to post here, as well, regarding the "toe-in-the-water" efforts of porting Ledger to Rust.
The usual suspects are familiar with it from the Reddit channel but for those that only frequent this group, it may be news.

I have created a repository for discussing issues here:

Please join in if you are interested. Do note that this is not intended as yet-another-ledger-port-attempt, but more as pooling with the goal of producing the definitive Ledger port and successor, drawing from the initial thread on Reddit.

Daryl Manning

Dec 13, 2022, 11:14:58 PM12/13/22
to Ledger
Out of curiosity, why was Rust chosen vs. say, Go? While I'm happy to see efforts at porting and replacing C++ (which makies it hard to contribute), I find Rust has the same issues with high learning curve to get productive (not to mention "sub-langs" within it) and ake contribution from a wider audience harder.

Don't get me wrong. I like Rust. A lot. Just not so sure I wouldn't have ported to Go depending on the goals of why we're switching languages.
(that said Rust > C++ from my perspective if you're making the change... =] ).


Dec 20, 2022, 2:49:03 PM12/20/22
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Uhhh, that's an interesting question. I have to say that I did use Go before trying Rust. While I don't really have much against Go, it just happened that Rust ticked many of the imaginary boxes I've had, I guess. The development hasn't been as much fun in a long time.

You are absolutely right that the learning curve is higher with Rust. I find it justified, though, based on the results it offers. Naturally, both languages/ecosystems have evolved significantly over the years and the differences between them have narrowed.

I think that the adoption of Rust into the Linux kernel as well as the Windows source code, along with some cloud implementations (for which Go was initially advertised and recommended) have made the decision easier for me. That gave me the additional motivation to put in the effort and find time to overcome the initial hurdles.

Long story short, if I had to place a bet between the two right now, it would be on Rust. I just see it as a better long-term investment (of time and effort).



Dec 30, 2022, 2:45:26 PM12/30/22
to Ledger
There were several very interesting articles on this topic recently. I will here share just this one.
It tells a lot about Go.

I'll just add that I'm happy with my instinctive choice between the two languages.

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Katsuaki Ikegami

Jan 12, 2023, 4:21:27 PM1/12/23
to Ledger
I'm also interested in Rust, so started a personal project.

It's not a porting, rather a niche tool to import CSV/Camt.053 files.
Now I'm implementing parser for formatter, so i can export as a crate if needed.
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