Happy new year, and plans for 2022

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Dec 31, 2021, 1:24:48 PM12/31/21
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Hello all,

Thanks for supporting learnsanskrit.org! Here's a summary of what we did this year and some plans for the future.

2021 in review
In September of 2021, we resumed work on our long-dormant website and fully rewrote our popular grammar guide. We also started work on a new guide that focuses on traditional grammar. This traditional guide is in progress, but the bulk of it is complete, and we hope that it will provide a smooth introduction to the world of traditional Sanskrit grammar.

We also started working on Pandit (our new dictionary tool). As we came close to completing our prototype, however, we realized how important it was for us to build a clean, fast, and open-source Sanskrit word generator, due to the limitations of existing libraries. This generator is still under development, but we have made substantial and exciting progress. Once it has reached a suitable milestone, we will release the project, and Pandit will serve as its user interface.

Plans for 2022
We aim to better realize our vision of "acquisition through content" and will do so on three fronts.

First, we will continue our tech foundations work and make it easier to build Sanskrit linguistic and pedagogical tools. If you are interested in this work, please join the sanskrit-programmers mailing list.

Second, we will give fuller technical support to Amarahasa, which you can now consider as a kind of sister project to learnsanskrit.org.

Third, we will start building a reading environment for traditional Sanskrit texts.

Imagine a site where Sanskrit texts are displayed beautifully, in all scripts and for all devices. Imagine reading a text, tapping an unknown word, and seeing a definition and grammatical analysis less than a second later. Imagine being able to search all of Sanskrit literature in moments.

We will share updates on this project over time. Progress will be slow at first, as there is substantial work required to get its basic pieces ready. But if you find this vision exciting and want to help, please email us.

Parting thoughts
I say "we" and "us" out of force of habit, but learnsanskrit.org is a solo effort, and I'm grateful that my work has been so helpful to you all. Best wishes for the new year, and I'll write when there's more to share.


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