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Jun 13, 2022, 12:30:14 AMJun 13
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As Ambuda matures, we will send out monthly updates on the project. But the past week has seen enough substantial change that we thought to send this update out a little early:

Six texts -- in addition to the Ramayana and the Mahbharata, we have also added three mahakavyas and the ऋतुसंहारम्. We're adding texts slowly since our overall design is still in flux. But once the other pieces stabilize, we will rapidly expand our content library.

Five scripts -- All of the texts on Ambuda can be easily transliterated to other scripts. We currently support Devanagari, Roman (IAST), Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam. As the site matures, we will add most of the major scripts supported by the Sanscript library. (Fun fact: Sanscript was created by more than a decade ago! We don't maintain the package anymore but are delighted to benefit from the improvements the community has made since then.)

Four dictionaries -- A critical part of Ambuda is a fast, reliable, and beautiful dictionary. To that end, we have been polishing the site's dictionary tool, which now supports four major dictionaries: Apte and Monier-Williams (Sanskrit-English), and the वाचस्पत्यम् and the शब्दकल्पद्रुमः (Sanskrit-Sanskrit). Specifically, we've done substantial work to expand the Apte interface to understand more words and compounds, though more work remains. We've also updated the वाचस्पत्यम् interface with slightly more structure and formatting.

Three goals -- Since our last email, we've refined Ambuda's goals and roadmap, which you can see here.

Two devices -- While our current app works best on desktops, we've updated the site to make our mobile experience enjoyable on mobile phones. There's a lot more work to do here, but we think Ambuda already compares favorably to other Sanskrit text archives.

Last but certainly not least:

One text with word-by-word analysis -- We're beginning to add word-by-word analysis to our texts. The initial setup is workable but crude, and only the Ramayana supports it right now. But you can see what we have so far by going here: and opening the sidebar.


It's been an exciting week, but the work is just beginning. See you in a month!

(And if you would like to help with the project -- as a reader, as a designer or engineer, as a scholar, or as a humble volunteer -- then please email me. I need all the help I can get to make this vision a reality.)
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