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Elizabeth Celuck

Nov 3, 2015, 11:24:14 AM11/3/15
to Learning Registry
Hello, I am hoping someone can help me to get the widget to work in a Google Site. Google Sites throws out js code, but there are workaround methods which I have implemented without issue for other js code content. I'm wondering if you have anyone currently using the widget in a Google  Site or if you can help me get it to work.

Method 1. I tried pasting the code into an HTML gadget that allows this type of code. I get this error:

Inline image 1

I then tried hiding the code inside a Google Gadget and I have successfully implemented this method several times. Unfortunately, I just get an empty page where I place the call code.

This is a link to a website where I have tested these methods. 

Hoping someone can help! Thanks!

joe hobson

Nov 6, 2015, 11:44:52 AM11/6/15
to, Daniel Kao
I'm not that familiar with how Google Sites gadgets work, but I put together a test and played with it, and it looks like it should work. Here's my test page

And the widget XML file generating it:

Then looking at your screenshot again I noticed that you're missing the <div> that's needed for the javascript to place content. Luckily we used a div and not an iframe, since Google Sites doesn't support iframes. 

Go back to your search widget embed code ( and make sure you grab the line that starts with <div class=lr-search-widget...

Let us know when it's up on your site. We'd really like to see the widget in action. If this looks like a viable way of using the widget, we could probably add an official widget with parameters so people could do this more easily (just supplying their API key and widget key).

... .joe

joe hobson
   director of technology & innovation
   Navigation North Learning

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