[EL4C35] INSTRUCTIONS FOR DAY 9 (Thursday, February 18)

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Patricia Schlicht

Feb 17, 2010, 2:52:33 PM2/17/10
to Learning4Content Workshops
Hello Everybody,

WikiEducator is a community of Educators. One of our core community
values is the belief that educational content is different. An
educational resource is different in terms of its purpose, structure
and format when compared,for example, to a newspaper article, or a

Those of us with experience in distance education and asynchronous
learning will be familiar with the educational elements we embed in
our teaching materials, for example learning objectives and in-text
activities etc. Working through our WE tutorials you would have
noticed the special layout we use for learning objectives, discussion
activities, teaching tips. In wiki jargon -- we call these pedagogical
wiki templates. Today you will learn how to set up these pedagogical
templates in your pages.

Here are the instructions for Day 9:


Warm wishes,

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