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Karim Waljee

Nov 25, 2021, 5:57:28 PM11/25/21

Hello 👋 everyone!

I sent a recent poll that caught the attention of over 800 teachers across social media which asked the question of how much time on average teachers spend creating lesson plans and related documents to deliver curriculum to students. I really didn't expect this much traction on the poll but here are the results:

🗸 21% spend less than 5 hours a week
🗸 31% spend 5 to 10 hours a week
🗸 48% spend over 10 hours a week 🤯

I believe this is precious time that teachers don't need to spend doing something that can be automated and developed in just a few minutes. This time could be better spent building relationships with students and focusing on their emotional well-being, personalizing the learning experience or even giving back time so that they can take that well-needed bathroom break 🚽 that you know they could use!

I know most use a resource called Teachers Pay Teachers to gather resources but I've also had the chance to beta test a platform that I believe would save educators a lot of time.


I'd love to know your thoughts! How would you spend your time if you could remove admin work like lesson planning and curriculum development from your day-to-day?

#teachersmatter #studentsuccess #edtech #teachingandlearning

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