Survey of MOOC Instruction Practices

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Yiqiao Xu

Nov 22, 2021, 8:53:03 AM11/22/21

Dear Learning Engineering group

My name is Yiqiao Xu, I am a Ph.D. candidate at North Carolina State University in the Department of Computer Science.  I am working with Dr. Collin F. Lynch as part of the ArgLab to study how students and instructors manage online and blended learning environments. 


My dissertation is entitled “Analyzing and scaffolding semi-structured MOOC forums to support social learning and help-seeking.”  In this current study work, we are analyzing students’ discussion forum activities across several offerings of and platforms for MOOC with the goal of understanding how automated structures and content-based scaffolds can support classroom orchestration and learning.  


As part of this work, we are surveying expert instructors about their experience managing MOOC courses.  We would appreciate it if you would be willing to complete the attached survey, please click the link to access the survey. All responses will be anonymized for analysis.  Based upon these responses we may follow up with you for individual questions.  

Thank you for your time, 



Yiqiao Xu

James Salsman

Nov 22, 2021, 9:24:59 PM11/22/21
to Learning Engineering
Hi Yiqiao,

Thank you for the invitation to take your survey (study number 24487.)  May I ask please why you have chosen to refrain from asking MOOC providers whether and how they measure equivalent class size, and how they report it if they do measure it?

I was just having a discussion about this with Richard Tong of the IEEE and Squirrel AI of China; which please see:

I will send BCCs of this question to Richard, Dr. Lynch, and the NC State University IRB Director as instructed, but I will hold off on the latter for about a week, so that you might re-issue the survey to include questions about MOOCs' equivalent class sizes. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
Jim Salsman
Mountain View, California
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