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Yves Hanoulle

Apr 19, 2019, 7:20:16 AM4/19/19
I'm confused about Id's & crosslinks

That used to work with me, yet when I recompile my bbook, it has now stopped working..

I'm trying to follow what is written here

I have [een lijst met materiaal](#materiaallijst)
as crosslink
And this as ID
# [Materiaallijst]{#materiaallijst} >> this now does not generate an error when creating the preview, yet it does not work (this used to work) when I use
# [Materiaallijst]{id: #materiaallijst}
I do get an error that the id is not defined, and it also does not work.

I assume it's a stupid mistake, I don't see it...
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        Johanna Rothman

        Apr 19, 2019, 12:55:19 PM4/19/19

        Here’s what I do, first for cross links and then ids:

        1. Define the cross link like this:

         ## Title of link   {#idoftitle}

        2. When I want to use it, I use it like this:
         blah blah [Title of link](#idoftitle)

        I use ids  for images.

        1. Define the id.:
        ![Name the image so people can read it](path to image)

        2. When I want to use it, I use it like this:

        blah blah blah [Name the image so people can read it](#name-of-image)

        I found the documentation unclear. I discovered what worked for me. I wonder if Ted Young helped me at the time? I no longer remember.


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        Yves Hanoulle

        Apr 20, 2019, 9:25:27 AM4/20/19
        yep I use 1 & 2 also like that
        it no longer works on my preview pdf :-(  

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        Yves Hanoulle 
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          Len Epp

          Apr 30, 2019, 5:40:09 PM4/30/19
          Hi Yves,

          I think the issue here is that a crosslink for a chapter heading is a matter of "Defining an id on a Block Element" rather than "Defining an id on a Span Element".

          So, for a crosslink to a chapter heading, instead of doing something like this:

          # Materiaallijst {#materiaallijst}

          ... you do this:

          # Materiaallijst

          The crosslink to the chapter heading, if it were in a sentence, would look like this:

          Here is [a crosslink](#materiaallijst).

          I just tried this exact way of doing things in a test copy of your manuscript and it worked.

          Sorry this isn't clearer! We'll make a Help Center article that will help authors who run into this issue in the future:

          Kind Regards,


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          Len Epp
          Co-founder, Leanpub

          Yves Hanoulle

          Apr 30, 2019, 5:53:15 PM4/30/19
          that is indeed the trick. 
          It's fixed now. I never tried that.
          thanks Len

          Op di 30 apr. 2019 om 23:40 schreef Len Epp <>:

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