Leaked Fortnite Skins

Here Are All Fortnite’s New Leaked Summer Skins For The Cosmic Celebration.


Fortnite has started an annual tradition of putting a number of its most recognizable skins in summer swimwear, which as you might expect, is pretty popular. Today, as of the new 17.10 patch, a number of these skins have leaked, and you can see what they are now ahead of their appearance in the store.

These are what you might want to consider wearing to the upcoming Cosmic Summer Celebration event, which begins later today, and is essentially a big party with the invading aliens, provided they don’t attack us.

Here are the summer skins coming to the game soon enough here:

Midsummer Midas – He’s got three different styles, including the most glorious one that has all of his tattoos turn golden.

Beach Jules – And of course, we also have his counterpart, Jules, who is ready for summer, minus the golden tattoos.

Boardwalk Ruby – Ruby returns with a new summer outfit this year, though still channeling her signature red look.

Scuba Crystal – She’s here if you want to get in on the summer fun but only pay Uncommon skin prices.

Beach Brutus – Not the character I would have imagined would get a swim look, but hey, why not.

It’s not clear when all of these will hit the store, but probably by the end of the week, if they don’t drop in one big cluster when the Cosmic Summer Celebration hits later today. I wonder if Epic will ever do any licensed summer skins with any of the IP they’ve had access to, or if they’re always going to use their originals for this concept.

Which ones of these are you going to be picking up? For me, both Midas and Jules are probably a must, and maybe Ruby, since I also have her original skin (I think? I need to check). At this point, I am kind of hoping Fortnite comes up with some sort of Genshin Impact-like house system where all your owned skins can hang out in a virtual space together, as using them one at a time means so many sit around in mothballs forever.

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