Getting attribute table from geoserver layer in Leaflet

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dickson mbeya

Jun 14, 2022, 11:01:42 PMJun 14
to Leaflet
 I have been trying to get attribute table of a geoserver layer in leaflet but I haven't been successful. Any one with an idea on how I can go about it. Specifically, I want the attribute table of the layer to popup when someone clicks on a polygon that is displayed in leaflet map.


Edwin Corrigan

Jun 19, 2022, 8:58:44 AMJun 19

Couple of things that might help:
- You can make a WFS getFeature request to Geoserver which can return a geojson format -
- L.geoJson can be used to render the returned geojson on the map -
onEachFeature can be passed as an option to L.geoJson, here is an example -
- You can access the properties object on each feature in your geoJson with something like (I added a console.log from the above example):
- Adjust your html in layer.bindPopup, you can add third party UI libraries here too
- If you'd like the popup to appear on events such as click, dblclick, mouseover etc, you can replace the bindpopup function and render an L.popup inside the event handler function. Something like - layer.on(<event>, handler function), 

Best Regards, 


Edwin Corrigan 


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