LRO observation of plume?

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Oct 9, 2009, 11:52:13 PM10/9/09
to LCROSS_Observation
A quote from

"Although officials could not say with certainty if LCROSS actually
detected a hard-to-see cloud of dust and vapor, some doubt was
dispelled later Friday with news that the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
independently verified the existence of such a plume.

LRO is circling the moon in a 31-mile-high orbit with a suite of more
powerful instruments than LCROSS.

The orbiter's LAMP ultraviolet spectrometer confirmed the detection of
an ejecta plume shortly after the impact, according to Craig Tooley,
LRO's project manager.

The Diviner imaging radiometer also spotted the impact crater from

Scientists now know some dust was excavated and kicked up by the
impact, but questions remain regarding why the material was not as
visible as expected."

Does anyone have any links to more information about the LRO

Willie Strickland
Meyer Observatory
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