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Oct 21, 2021, 7:13:34 AM10/21/21
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Attorney in Lahore for Prisoners:

 If you are looking for an attorney in Lahore Pakistan or Advocate in Lahore Pakistan for prisoners or criminal or civil cases you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The prosecution barrister begins the case by outlining the facts of the crime to the jury. He then calls his witnesses, who the defense attorney in Lahore Pakistan or Advocate in Lahore Pakistan cross-examines.

Counsel Presents & Witness:

Once all the prosecution evidence has been heard, the defense counsel presents his witnesses, who are, in turn, cross-examined by the prosecution barrister. The two barristers then make closing speeches to the jury, urging them to acquit/convict the defendant. It then remains for the judge to sum up the case to the jury by reviewing the evidence and advising the jury on the law. But if they have not all agreed on a ruling within two hours, the judge may - if he so wishes - call them into court and tell them that he will accept a majority decision of ten of the jury.

Now Reach a Verdict:

The jury then retires again to see if they can now reach a verdict. But if they still cannot get a judgment, they will have to sit on it until the judge agrees that it can go no decision; when that happens, the hung jury is discharged, and a new trial is ordered. 

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The verdict if the defendant is acquitted, it will free him, and that will be the end of the case; the prosecution attorney in Lahore Pakistan or Advocate in Lahore Pakistan cannot appeal. Surprisingly, the accused will not receive compensation for the worry, strain, inconvenience, and loss he has suffered, even if he has been imprisoned for several months. Only if he can show that the police acted 'maliciously' in prosecuting him could he sue them for damages.

Advocate in Lahore Pakistan:

Usually, the chances of proving 'malice' by an attorney in Lahore Pakistan or Advocate in Lahore Pakistan are incredibly remote, even when it undoubtedly exists. However, he will probably be awarded his costs (i.e., his legal expenses). If the defendant is convicted (i.e., found guilty), the judge will ask the police what is known about the prisoner. It is a request for details of the prisoner's criminal record. The prisoner's barrister will then make a speech in mitigation asking for a lenient sentence. At this stage, the judge may well adjourn the case to prepare a prisoner's medical or social inquiry report by attorney in Lahore Pakistan or Advocate in Lahore Pakistan.

Adjourned and  Probably For 2 Weeks:

Often it will have prepared this in advance, but if not, the hearing will be adjourned, probably for a week or two. The defendant may be released on bail during this time. Still, it is more usual for him to be remanded in custody since it will be more convenient to prepare the report if he is in prison. The information will be of vital importance. The judge will pay great attention to it when deciding on his sentence. It is, therefore, surprising that a copy of the report is usually not given to the defense before the trial, even when it is known that the accused intends to plead guilty through an attorney in Lahore Pakistan or Advocate in Lahore Pakistan. Our Lawyer in Lahore is Here For Services of All Kind of Law suit especially For Criminal Cases.

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