ModIndices include existing parameters - why?

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Lukas Wallrich

Jun 5, 2018, 9:08:20 AM6/5/18
to lavaan
Dear all,

I am quite new to Sem and lavaan and struggling to make sense of some modification indices.

My model includes:
ContValence =~ WhExpBlVAL

 ContValence =~                                                        
    WhExpBlVAL        1.000                               1.705    0.948
   DivVALUE =~                                                           
    DivValINSTR       1.000                               0.965    0.920

(I included these single predictor latent vars to deal with measurement error/reliability by fixing the residual variance of the observed variable).

The top-2 modindices, however, are:
17       DivVALUE =~ DivValINSTR 217551.989  1590.777  1535.867  1464.288  1464.288
14    ContValence =~  WhExpBlVAL 110771.910 -1909.302 -3256.312 -1809.418 -1809.418

As I understand them, this suggests that I should consider adding those parameters - but they are there already? What does that mean then?

Relatedly, what do the LatentVar ~1 modindices mean? It's not quite clear to me what freeing them would mean, and if I try to do it in the code for more than 1 variable, the model is no longer identified.

Apologies if these questions are very basic and have been answered before, but so far I haven't found a good explanation online.

Many thanks and all the best,


Lukas Wallrich

Jun 5, 2018, 9:21:55 AM6/5/18
to lavaan
I just updated lavaan and rerun the analysis - now the list of modindices is completely different and makes a lot more sense to me.  So unless you tell me otherwise, I will assume that was a bug.


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