Lasclip Issue: Can't Create All Cliped Point Cloud

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Perry Han

Oct 21, 2022, 3:03:01 AM10/21/22
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I am clipping a 250x250 meters point cloud into lots of small point clouds based on a polygon shapefile with over 506 polygons. It won't create more point clouds when the created clip polygon reaches 506.

lasclip.exe -i (my computer path)/340750_8084000_hnom_d.laz -poly (my computer path)/340750_8084000_chm_crowns.shp -split Crown_Id -odir (my computer path)/340750_8084000 -olaz

The sample file is attached in the link below


Jochen Rapidlasso

Oct 24, 2022, 3:32:36 PM10/24/22
to LAStools - efficient tools for LiDAR processing
Hi Perry,
sorry for late reply - I am still quite busy with INTERGEO workup...
Finally I had a look at the files.
Running it like you did not match much because the georef in the LAZ as OGC WKT was somehow wrong.
After I brought it to "EPSG:28355 - GDA94 / MGA zone 55" like your shapefile, it matched well but stopped processing at
Crown_ID 341000_8153500_761 like it did before.
After testing, checking and trying whats wrong with the files I just split the shp in 2 parts, each less than 500 files and all worked fine.
So I assume there is a file/memory/handles limitation at about 500 files/shapes.
I will note this as known issue and put it to my long todo list.
Because there is an easy workaround by split just the shapefile it will may take some days till I will have a closer look at it.
Hopefully you can go with this - otherwise just contact me and we try to find a even better solution :)

Thanks & best regards,

Jochen @rapidlasso
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