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Sebastián Barría

Feb 4, 2022, 3:39:25 AMFeb 4
to LAStools - efficient tools for LiDAR processing
Hi everyone.
I have a laz file and I need to find the z of a given point (for example the z of the bounding box's center).

I need to know where is the floor, so I suppose I should get the z of a specific x,y in a specific classification... maybe the highest point or the lowest.

Does anyone knows how to get it... using LasTools or any other tool?
Please, help!!!


Support at rapidlasso

Feb 4, 2022, 3:40:37 AMFeb 4
to LAStools - efficient tools for LiDAR processing
Hi Sebastian,
the question is a bit unspecific.

lasinfo -i your_file.laz

is a good point to start - to see whats in the file - e.g. you see the boundaries of the point cloud.
If you want to get the z value of a certain point you can use

with one option out of "Filter points based on their coordinates." -> see the las2las readme.
There you can get the values of a specific area, classification,...
With -o ... you can output this as plain text.

If you are not used to LiDAR and lastools much you may read also the tutorials found at

If you have further questions see
to enable a good support.


Jochen @rapidlasso   

Kirk Waters - NOAA Federal

Feb 4, 2022, 6:31:46 AMFeb 4
to LAStools - efficient command line tools for LIDAR processing
I think interpolated value at a given x,y,z is essentially what lascontrol is doing. If you were to use control points that are your x,y locations with a zero height, then the difference lascontrol calculates is going to be the height you want (or perhaps negative of it).  

If you're looking for highest or lowest points, that's a different question and assumes an area of interest, not at a single x,y,z location. Subsetting your points to the area and classes of interest and running lasinfo as suggested would work.


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