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jet townsend

Aug 2, 2021, 5:08:43 PM8/2/21
to lasersaur
Hey, anyone else still using their lasersaur? Anyone burned out a tube

I bought a Ruida kit to replace the lasersaur controller then my tube
died. By "died" I mean it barely generates 40W on my CO2 laser meter
thing, so if I was just cutting paper... :-)

I will document upgrading to Ruisa and post the 3d printed bracket
mounts on my sourceforge page or thingiverse or something. It's
something I can do while I wait on a replacement tube.

Thinking about using this as a replacement for the RECI, the SPT V20:

I need to double check actual measurements, but it looks like a perfect
drop in for the lasersaur *and* it's almost double the power.


Jet Townsend, IDSA
design <>
hacking <>
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Torsten Martinsen

Aug 3, 2021, 2:32:04 PM8/3/21
At my hackerspace, our Lasersaur has been running since 2016, and we are currently on our second tube. Both tubes were nominally 80 W, and were bought on AliExpress for around $550 including shipping.

As for controller etc, we currently use a MKS-SBASE (Smoothieboard clone) running grbl-LPC and an APU2 mini-PC running LaserWeb4.

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