LArray 0.30 released

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Gaëtan de Menten

Jun 27, 2019, 10:22:10 AM6/27/19

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce that version 0.30 of LArray is now available.

The complete description of changes including examples can be found at:

The highlights of this release include:

  • set_options() and get_options() functions to respectively set and get options for displaying arrays as strings
  • read_stata() and LArray.to_stata() to read arrays from and write arrays to Stata .dta files
  • LArray.keys(), LArray.values() and LArray.items() methods to respectively loop on an array labels, values or (key, value) pairs
  • LArray.isin()to check whether each value of an array is contained in a list (or array) of values
  • LArray.unique()to compute unique values (or sub-arrays) for an array, optionally along axes
  • LArray.apply()to apply a python function to all values of an array or to all its sub-arrays along some axes and return the result
  • LArray.apply_map()to apply a transformation mapping (dict) to array values
  • LArray.reverse()to reverse one or several axes of an array
  • LArray.roll()to roll the cells of an array n-times to the right along an axis
  • improved speed of read_hdf() function when reading a stored LArray object dumped with the current and future versions of larray. To benefit for this, you must read your data and save it again using this version of larray!
  • LArray.set_labels() can now take functions (such as str.upper or str.lower) to transform axes labels
  • simpler “pattern language” in Axis.matching() and Group.matching()
  • stack() can now stack along several axes at once
  • updated the Working With Sessions section of the tutorial
  • many other improvements and bug fixes

As always, any feedback is very welcome, preferably on the larray-users mailing list: (you need to register to be able to post).


Due to a small bug we discovered after making the packages, this release needs to be installed via a "Command Prompt" window (right-click on the "Windows" icon and choose "Command Prompt"):


    conda install larrayenv=0.30


The "Update LArray" link in the "LArray" menu of the Windows start menu will NOT WORK !




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