Lanterna 3.0.3 released

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May 6, 2020, 11:13:20 AM5/6/20
to lanterna-discuss
Hi everyone,
I've just pushed lanterna-3.0.3 to Sonatype, so it should be available in Maven Central shortly. This consists of mainly bugfixes, noteably:
  • AWT/Swing terminals have getters for the font, device and color configurations
  • Improved support for Cygwin (although still not really working)
  • New method on Container to return all child components as a list (instead of collection)
  • Windows is using Courier New as the default font as Consolas isn't handling line characters very well
  • New functions to disable the virtual screen in case you want to follow the terminal size instead
  • New Window method "setFixedSize" for when you want to hard-code window sizes without having to override the window manager
  • TextBox has a new method to remove a line of text
  • Auto-close all windows of EOF from the input stream
  • New utility methods on GridLayout for generating layout data
  • Blaster theme has been updated and new uses indexed color for the dark blue background
  • DefaultMutableThemeStyle bugfix for when there are no sgrs to apply (thanks to Andrew Obuchowicz!)
  • Much better handling of windows overlapping CJK double-width text
Will probably do another 3.1.0 alpha release tomorrow, we have a bunch of Table improvements.

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