lanterna-3.0.2 released

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Jan 5, 2020, 8:57:52 AM1/5/20
to lanterna-discuss
Hi everyone,
I've just pushed lanterna-3.0.2 to Sonatype, so it should be available in Maven Central shortly. This consists of mainly bugfixes, noteably:
  • SwingTerminalFrame no longer calls pack() in constructor so that you can make the frame undecorated
  • Window borders will now join with inner lines (regression)
  • FullScreenTextGUITest has been fixed and is working again
  • Can prevent Panels from resetting their area before drawing, effectively making them "transparent"
  • When nothing has focus in a window, but there are several interactable components, pressing a navigation key will move focus to the first available
  • Better detection of the client closing the socket in TelnetTerminal
  • Improved F3 vs CursorLocation detection
  • When running on Windows and Java 9 (or newer), take into account that the OS will scale the application on HDPI displays
  • Switched to Consolas as the default font on Windows
  • Can set the CTRL-C behavior from the TerminalFactory
  • TerminalTextUtils now supports 8-bit and 24-bit color control sequences
  • New theme delegation classes will make it easier to override a theme and only change a few things
  • Home, End, PageUp and PageDown now works in Tables
  • Disabled components can no longer get focus
  • Various layout bugfixes to both GridLayout and LinearLayout
Big thanks to the contributors since 3.0.1:
  • Andreas L
  • Igor
  • Gabriel Lee
  • Jan Sterba
  • Martin Vseticka
  • SmoeJith

Alpha release of 3.1.0 probably tomorrow.

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